Spring Flowers Meet Fall

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A Touch of Blue (2021)

Covid 19 has kind of screwed me up.

I haven’t had the creative drive to share beautiful things and fun stories as much as before. The problem is, we need creative work to keep us going. And so, this dire time has only been made a little darker by the fact that I haven’t shared a whole lot. But I’m determined to push through.

Taking photographs of flowers makes me unbelievably happy. It is truly a hobby for me, but one that I am passionate about pursuing. Worries are nothing more than hovering bees when I’ve got my head in a rose bush or my lens honed on a tulip. Flowers represent the beauty of entire seasons of stored energy, working hard for just a few days of glorious bloom. So, I’m happy to share some of the photographs I took early this spring. I didn’t go far from my home. Instead just wandered down the streets in my neighborhood, keeping an eye out for narcissus leaves erupting through the soil, for purple patches of hyacinths to bloom, and for anything beautiful that was worth sharing.

I want my flower photographs to show you the beauty of nature, these small moments of wonder that exist for a short window of time. Not only do they help us appreciate the little things growing outside, but they allow us to find joy in a world that is so much bigger than the troubles in our own minds. So let’s notice spring when it comes. Let’s look at it with fresh, gracious eyes, wonder at its beauty, and give thanks to the world we live in.

Please take a moment to enjoy my photos below, and follow the links to purchase prints!

Dusty Pollen (2021)
Early Spring Greens (2021)
White Spirits (2021)
She’s Special (2021)
She Was All Yellow (2021)
The Four Companions (2021)
Forsythia (2021)
White Bells (2021)
Flirting Blossoms (2021)
Her Hidden Petals (2021)
Spring Welcomes You (2021)
She’s On Fire (2021)
Crossed Leaves (2021)
Daffodils At Attention (2021)
Deep Red (2021)
Powder Pink Emojis (2021)
Warming In The Sun (2021)
All Our Friends (2021)
Rosey Tulip (2021)
Cherry Blossoms In The Sky No. 2 (2021)
The Leader of the Pack (2021)
Too Pretty (2021)
Spring Fairies (2021)
Pink Crowns (2021)
Fine As Lace (2021)
Purple Gummies (2021)
Cherry Blossoms In The Sky No. 1 (2021)
Hellebore With Dew (2021)

As we approach the season where many things will begin their hibernation, dying off as the light and warmth fade, let’s look forward to spring and the renewal that happens each year. And if you don’t want to wait, just pick up a print from my shop, and you’ll have an eternal spring always in view!

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