A Surreal Moonset at Oxbow Bend

A Surreal Moonset at Oxbow Bend - She's So Bright, Travel, Opinion, Colorful Pastels, Wyoming, Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, Wanderlust, Morning

Landscape photography is really hard. You rely heavily on the weather, have to plan your shots ahead of time, and have to get lucky with the sunrise or sunset (depending on what you’re going for). It’s …

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Greetings from Colorado!

She's So Bright - Greetings from Colorado. Boulder, flatirons, mountains, grains, fields, outdoorsy, hiking.

Will I ever have the whole, travel-while-blogging thing down? That’s a good question because as of right now the answer is a resounding “NO!” While I wrote several posts to queue up before I left on …

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That Time We Stood On Lava

She's So Bright - That Time We Stood on Lava

Since the great volcano of Kilauea is now spewing mountains of lava all over unsuspecting suburban homes, I thought I’d share with you my tale of coming as close to the molten goo as I dared. …

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