Why, Hello There Fall!

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She's So Bright - Autumn views from Brookdale Park
Autumn, you sure are pretty!

This week hasn’t been the best.

From lack of sleep, to the last minute cleaning out of our storage unit, I’m ready to call it Friday and have a big glass of wine (I rarely drink, so that’s saying something). But there’s one thing keeping me together as I sort through pieces of cutlery, and that’s the glorious, golden arrival of fall.

The summer’s hot, muggy weather has finally surrendered to fall’s crisp air, and each night I can smell a neighbor’s wood-burning fire, drifting on the evening breeze. After living for years in California, where the weather rarely changed, I try to savor my favorite season for as long as I can. That means countless walks, visits to the farmer’s market, and cafe trips for hot chai.

While I suspect this perfect, mild temperature will soon turn frigid, I’m holding on tight to these autumn days of gingham scarfs and orange sunsets!

She's So Bright - Autumn trees at Brookdale Park
The tops of trees beginning to change color

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