Would You Wear These Glitter Glasses?

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She's So Bright - Would You Wear These Glitter Glasses?
Image by Planet i.

As an optimist, I’m all for seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, but what about glittery ones? Perhaps a millennial response to the rosy saying, these newly launched sparkly lenses offer a whole new outlook for the New Year. As the designer of the frames, Eric Steginsky, reveals, “It’s such a depressing time and there’s so much going on in the world, I want people to take a little vacation every time they put these on.” I have to agree. I’m pretty picky about my lenses, but I’m thinking a daily dose of visual stardust is probably a good idea for the psyche.

She's So Bright - Would You Wear These Glitter Glasses?

With a unique combination and density of glitter in the frames, they’re apparently easy to look through without obstructing your vision. A “Snapchat filter for your face,” as Stegnisky says, which is an idea I like. My own eyeglasses, which I wear during evenings, are annoyingly spotted with dried water courtesy of my electric toothbrush, so anything that sits peripherally in my vision usually drives me nuts. But in this case, I think I’m willing to look past the deliberate speckles and just enjoy the disco ambiance on offer.

She's So Bright - Would You Wear These Glitter Glasses?

My favorite specs are the Light Rider aviators in iridescent and the Moon Walker in pink (of course!). Both are essentially clear, but there’s a variety of colors and frames to help radiate your cosmic attitude!

Glitter-vision will set your wallet back a little, but isn’t it worth it to finally have stars in your eyes all the time?

Would you wear these glitter glasses in real life? Share with me in the comments below! To see all the styles, check out the Planet i website here. And to find out more about the designer, read this interview in Vogue. 

Images courtesy of Planet i. Quotes via Vogue.

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