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She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend, March 16, 2018
I hope he’s dancing up there with the stars.

How’s your week been?

I’ve been chugging along, holding on tight for spring. My birthday is next week, and though I don’t think any flowers will bloom before then, it will be heartwarming enough that I’ll feel closer to the season. I used to think my birthday was actually in the midst of spring, but as there is snow still on the ground, I’m giving up hope of dancing atop a nearby vantage point and singing “The Hills Are Alive.” There go all my birthday plans!

This week started off without much inspiration. I think having come back from traveling and readjusting, it always takes me about a week to ramp my mind and efforts back up. I’m used to the visual stimuli of finding exciting places, meeting people, going to new restaurants, etc., so when I’m back home, I’ve got to reprogram my brain into focusing on a computer again and sitting still. It’s never as fun as hitting the road, of course, but I make my own fun. And I’m ending the week with a whole list of ideas and new projects – one I’m hoping to make a regular feature on the blog!

In health news, I’ve finally hopped back on our Elliptical machine, which has been such a revelation. I should have been doing it earlier, but I felt like I needed to work up the mental discipline of exercising every day. I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself because it’s important to me to want to work out. It’s the only way to be truly driven. With all the programmed exercises, it’s effortless to hop on, do a fat burner for 45 minutes and hop off. Yesterday I watched the first episode of Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye, while I was swinging, and OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD!! There isn’t a chance in hell that I could convince Jon to watch a style show like that (he’s more a History channel/Hunt For Red October kind of guy) but it’s almost too good that I don’t want to share with anyone. I was swinging my arms on the elliptical and tearing up, all while in view of a landscaper who I was trying not to make direct eye contact with.

And speaking of moving things, did you see the students walking out of schools to protest gun control? I thought these photos from across the country were amazing. I also laughed pretty loud when I stumbled on this old Cosmo article called Working Out With the One You Love. It’s a little too mankini-esque for me, but gives a good chuckle, leg hair and all. And because we all love Mean Girls, Vogue shared this shopping guide in honor of the Broadway show opening. Honestly, I like it for the nostalgic pictures and the idea that I might buy a pink Lacoste shirt and shout, “You go, Glenn Coco!” at someone.

I’m going to spend the weekend wondering when the snow will thaw, watching the documentary film Amy, which I’ve been trying to see for about a year, and heading to the library to pick up this romance novel. Don’t you just love the cover? I’m excited to read a new author, though I always come back home to my girl, Nora Roberts. Wish me luck!

And I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you’re waiting for the great spring thaw, just hold on a little longer. The universe will reward us with flowers soon. I’m sure of it!

What are your weekend plans? Share with me in the comments below!

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