What’s Your Favorite Day of the Week?

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When You Never Have a Case of the Mondays - She's So Bright, Opinion Article, Illustration, Days of the Week, Calendar
Love this Mamas and the Papas song

I don’t know when it happened, maybe in the last month or two. It sort of crept up on me, like my gradual appreciation of olives. One day, I just woke up and somehow, against all societal norms, I began to love Mondays.

I know, it’s odd.

For most people, Mondays start off the work week, which is true for me too. My commute is from my bedroom to my home office. I wear what I want, avoid waking up too early, and don’t have an obnoxious boss I need to listen to or placate. That, already, makes Mondays better. But my love of this day isn’t so much about that. I still work, often more hours than the average person (midnight writing is normal for me; I’m doing it now). And there are some downsides to working from home (your cat is your only coworker, you work on weekends, no health benefits, why get dressed — you get the picture). Nope, what I love about Mondays is something more fundamental than that.

Mondays are a fresh start to the week. Even if your calendar starts on Sunday, we all know that Monday is the actual beginning of the week. It’s the first day that matters! And I think of that every time I open a new page in my planner. Monday is the first thing I see, and it’s got everything behind it – blank open spaces to fill out as I wish. It’s a metaphor that life is what you make it.

That’s my Monday.

The day has become my weekly New Years. The opportunity to start fresh 52 times out of the year. So last week was crap, that’s okay! Because there’s a whole new week right behind Monday. And guess what? This Monday might be the start of the best week of your life! You might meet your true love this week; you might get that job promotion, you may finally finish reading that book on your bedside table! Monday is a promise of greater things. An opportunity to do better. And I think once I became a little more organized, that’s how I started seeing it.

There are other reasons I love Mondays too. Small, personal ways that it shines brighter than the other days of the week. The NYTimes crossword puzzle is at its easiest — renewing after the impossible challenge of Sunday’s Magazine edition. I take the paper and enjoy the weekly ritual of penciling in the answers, answers I know I can’t figure out in puzzles later in the week. It’s a happy celebration as I drink my latte, or sip a smoothie. And it’s usually the first thing I accomplish on my Monday. Cross it off the list!

Then there’s the Monday workout. By Friday I throw my hands up. Whether or not I work out over the weekend doesn’t matter all that much to me. But it matters on Monday! It’s a big day for me. I usually do an hour of yoga, and if I don’t do a single physical activity for the rest of the week, I know I gave it my all on Monday.

Monday is what matters.

Are you a list person? Because I love making lists. And Monday is a list-making day. It might actually be the list-making day. I set my pen to pad and write down all the things I need to do, errands I need to run, and things I need to plan for. It’s like a brain purge. And it’s usually more ambitious than realistic. While the rest of the week needs to live up to Monday’s plans, Monday represents all my hopes for the future. It’s who I’d be at my best self. The Monday, super-efficient-uses-colored-gel-pens-for-homework-assignments version of myself. The rest of the week just doesn’t require as much fanfare.

Mondays are also the day where I can get as much possible out of my week. If I have a productive day, the workload for the days ahead becomes much lighter. I like my weeks front-loaded, so I feel productive. I know I should pace myself, but I’ve always favored sprinting over the grind of the long distance.

And not that I don’t enjoy going out, but Monday nights are usually completely free. Many restaurants are closed, people don’t make plans to hang out on Monday, and I love it. There are no expectations to be social. There’s no need to get dressed up. Mondays are for hanging out in knit socks, eating ramen in front of the television. It’s the, “sorry, I have work tomorrow,” day to get out of anything!

Ultimately, for me, Mondays are aspirational. They are renewing and an opportunity to put your best self first. Which is fitting, because the word Monday actually means “day of the moon,” that little silver orb in the night sky which renews each month. See, the fresh start thing is real!

So while most people will say Friday or Saturday, or even Sunday is their favorite day, I’m sticking with Monday. Monday is what you make it.

What’s your favorite day of the week? And for fun, I made this Spotify Playlist of crooning Monday tunes! I hope you like it!

When You Never Have a Case of the Mondays - She's So Bright, Opinion Article, Illustration, Days of the Week, Calendar

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