Apple Pie Caramels and A Whole Lot of Beauty!

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Apple Pie Caramels, Air Plants and A Whole Lot of Beauty! - She's So Bright, Lovely Mess on Eva's Desk, Products, Reading, Books, Beauty

I’ve always got a variety of stuff coming and going on my desk, new things I’m trying, books I’m reading, or just quirky objects I’ve been staring at as of late. Here’s what’s been passing through my desk this month!

Clockwise from top left:

Air Plants – I used to have a lot of these little guys in my apartment in San Francisco, and I gave them away when we moved. I decided to pick a few up at my local plant shop to brighten my desk. I have other larger plants around, which are great, but I love that you can drop an air plant on anything and it immediately brightens up the space!

The New Yorker – This, in my opinion, is one of the best magazines out there. Their articles are second to none, and I’m always trying to catch up on their latest issues. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the stuff they put out, here are a few of my favorite articles: this one is about an eccentric who went missing while kayaking; here’s one about the fascinating experiences hospice workers have; and you might have heard about the short story Cat Person – it went viral!

National Geographic: The Science of Sleep – I’m a sleep fiend, needing 9 hours a day to be in perfect mental shape, so it’s not surprising that I’m obsessed with the topic. I have yet to read this well-known book, but I thought a read of this in-depth Nat Geo would be a good place to start.

Things Are What You Make of Them by Adam Kurtz – This book is coming up in a post later this week, but let’s just say it’s great motivation and creative advice for anyone and everyone!

Chanel Nail Polish in Accessoire – I have had this nail color for years, but haven’t used it in a while. It’s my favorite hue for the fall and will be on my nails very soon. This color is similar.

Flat Hair Clips – Want your hair to air dry flat around your face? These are the clips for you! I also use them for pinning up curls while they dry. The pins don’t leave any crimps, and they’re runway approved.

Glossier Boy Brow – I finally gave this product a try (I use black), and I’m pretty happy with it. It took a lot of courage for me, given I have awful memories of clear eyebrow gel from the early aughts. This is definitely an upgrade!

Better Than Sex Mascara by Benefit – It is an effective mascara for pumping up your lashes! It can get a little clumpy, but other products don’t have as good volume or applicator.

Fharmacy Coconut Sheet Mask – I love this company’s Honey Butter chapstick (it’s incredible), so I thought I’d give one of their other beauty products a try. Their all natural skincare line seems very promising!

Apple Pie Caramels – These Hudson Valley treats are UNBELIEVABLE. We snagged a teeny bag from the makers in Cold Spring, NY the other day and couldn’t believe the flavor. It tastes literally like warm apple pie with a caramel crumble. Willy Wonka would love it!

Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath – I’m obsessed with this bath milk. It smells like a  Girl Scout cookie and leaves my skin so beautifully soft. I sort of want to drink it, but I don’t think that’d be a good idea.

So tell me, what have you got on your desk?

Note: You may have noticed that I’ve switched my titles around recently. I used to call these posts The Lovely Mess on Eva’s Desk, but now I’m using the category tag for these regular articles!

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