Current Obsession: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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Pretty much sums it up…along with my favorite car!

I’m generally not a “big fan” of Jerry Seinfeld, and I didn’t watch his iconic show until it was in reruns (even then I’ve barely seen one whole season). So what made me put on his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, I couldn’t tell you. Well, the latest collection of episodes just launched on Netflix, and I’m glad for whatever ghost-of-Kramer made me click on it because it is hilarious. In fact, it is so funny that I binge watched six episodes with Jon before I started my workout two hours late – OOPS!

Not only is Seinfeld a delightful, down-to-earth celebrity who is as humble a host as he is generous with his time to passersby, but the cars he picks are equally as engaging. My favorite part is actually the beginning of each episode where he talks about the unique vintage ride he picks in honor of the guest comedian. My heart kind of races each time. Did I ever tell you that I’m a classic cars kind of gal? Well, I am. Big time. I’ve wanted a classic car for as long as I could remember, and though it has slipped my Christmas list these past few years, Jon recently conceded that we could get one, eventually. For now, I’ll have to wait to own the sexy chrome curves of a 1955 Porsche Speedster (at least it’s on one of my greeting cards) and simply enjoy them on this fabulous show.

And did I mention the comedians? Well, it goes without saying how silly they are. Here’s the trailer for the latest season to pique your interest:

Along with gear shifting as you’ve never seen, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a ton of laughs. And the coffee doesn’t seem too bad either!

You can find Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix. Have you watched it, or any other show from Jerry Seinfeld? What did you think? Share with me in the comments below!

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