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A Collection of Quirk - What I'm Watching/Doing/Reading Lately - She's So Bright, Hat, Portrait, My Style, OOTD, Sézane, Janessa Leone, Madewell, Reading, Flowers, Style

If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you already know how much entertainment I consume. But it’s often not the kind you would expect — no, no Game of Thrones episodes here (seriously, I haven’t seen the show) but my DVR is stock full of month old Jeopardies, which I am always excited about!

I go through phases, oscillating between abundant consumerism and the barren entertainment wasteland of not watching anything new for a month. But lately, I’ve been an avid consumer, as if a light turned on and I could see all the amusement I was missing out on. From Netflix to mom jean’s here’s what I’ve been enjoying for the last few weeks.

Russian Doll

Natasha Lyonne is never dull, and neither is her Netflix show Russian Doll. If you’re not familiar with the actress who delights on other series like Orange is the New Black, you’re in for a treat. I could watch Lyonne do just about anything: buy her groceries, talk to strangers on the street, or even get a haircut. She’s magnetic, and her gravel voice keeps you entertained. The show is a satisfying mix of darkness and comedy, letting in the humor just when you begin to get a little worried about the weight. Nadaya, Lyonne’s character keeps dying, over and over again, stuck in a dangerous world of nested replays. Will she ever be free of the same night?

Huge in France

I have seen Gad Elmaleh in many French films and he’s always been funny, charming and the hero you root for. But in Huge in France he plays a role not far from his reality: a big Parisian star who no one knows in the US. When he moves to Los Angeles to get reacquainted with his son, he finds out the hard way that French celebrity just doesn’t translate. The show is funny and unexpected, and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in need of something lighthearted.


I’ve had a stressful couple of months, with ups and downs as anxiety ebbs and flows with the demands of each week. What’s kept me grounded through it is meditation. When you’re in the height of panic, often the last thing you consider is taking a whole TEN MINUTES to calm your brain (side note: why does it always feel like this?), but what you really need to do is stop and find peace. It has never failed to recenter myself. After I meditate my body is more relaxed, my shoulder stiffness melts away, and I have an aura of happy endorphins buzzing around my head. Seriously, I feel like I’ve had a massage at a five-star spa — cheapest and quickest form of self-care available! I’m not yet practicing daily, as I hesitate to force myself to do anything in case I ruin the natural attraction, but I hope to work my way up to it soon.

Jenny Lewis

I prefer old music, so it’s always a delight when an artist can embrace the beats and aesthetics of vintage sound while making it new. When I saw the announcement for Lewis’s new album, I knew it would be a favorite. From her style to voice, and lived-in life, she’s an influential female musician that I’m excited to support.

Mom Jeans

Madewell Mom Jeans

I’ve been a Mom Jean hold out since, well, Mom Jeans came into existence. My mother used to wear them (with Keds, of course) in all their flat butt glory, but as the years of SNL Gap Girls and Mom Jeans Parody proliferated, my will to hold out had never been stronger. However, I must have become so inundated with the tiny, accentuated waists and the loose fitting hips that I caved. I bought my first pair. And then I bought another pair. So now I have been wearing my Mom Jeans nearly every day, utterly confident in the glory of my flat butt and teeny waist. This pair from Madewell has been a favorite.

Queer Eye

I’ll keep it brief because you all know how much I love this show, but if you haven’t watched it, please do. Every episode is moving, encouraging, and enlightening and opens my eyes to the struggles of so many people around us. And Jonathan Van Ness? I can’t ever get enough of him!

The Wing

The Wing

Last month I became an All Access Member of the girl club/we work/femme hangout The Wing. I wanted the opportunity to meet more women, make new friends, and push myself out of my comfort zone so that I don’t get too comfortable working from home. It’s easy and safe to sit in the same nook and write, holed up like a Salinger hermit that files away stories until death. But I’ve decided to put myself out there more than I’m usually comfortable with. It’s good to be more cosmopolitan. And if you’re a Winglet yourself, be sure to say hi! I’m usually the gal in a hat. Read more about The Wing or apply here!

Anything Monty Don

My Instagram Stories are chock full of exciting projects, DIYs and more or less, images of my cat doing something naughty. Well, the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing the progress of my mini greenhouse full of herb seeds. I love plants, and I love watching them grow, so it’s no wonder I love Monty Don. The quirky gardening expert has a soothing accent, a strict manner, and is delightfully British. What’s not to love? I adore his Netflix shows on French and Italian gardens (estate goals), and Big Dreams, Small Spaces, where Monty helps small-time gardening enthusiasts make their dream plot.

Celestial Art Prints

Cocorrina Moon Print

Cocorrina is one of my favorite graphic designers, and lately, she’s launched a beautiful series of shimmering black and gold prints in the style of talisman. I’m drawn to the mysticism and intention behind this work so I, of course, picked one up and have it framed over my desk! Also, be sure to read about her Dream Journal! Shop here!


I think everyone can guess what this HBO show is about. It’s heavy, yes, but also riveting. Hopefully, it doesn’t give you nightmares!

Vintner’s Daughter

Vintner's Daughter

I bought this oil instead of my usual Midnight Recovery Oil to see what all the hype is about. Boy, can I just say it is an incredible product! Within a week my skin was glowing and dewy, moisturized without being greasy. It truly does balance the skin and I’d highly recommend it. Shop the serum here.

A Collection of Quirk - What I'm Watching/Doing/Reading Lately - She's So Bright, Hat, Portrait, My Style, OOTD, Sézane, Janessa Leone, Madewell, Reading, Flowers, Style

Now onto some of the many, many books I have been reading. This is only a short list of all the pages I’ve been diving into lately.


I will be reading this book and watching the show in the next few weeks, but I am so excited I had to share. My friends and family seemed to think I’d love it as it winds history and romance together — always a good idea! Can’t wait to share my impressions. Check out the book here.

On Writing

I don’t read books on writing. Usually, I forget everything they tell me to do and get bored halfway through. But, according to Steven King (does he need an introduction?), that’s a good thing. Aside from learning of his life growing up and the difficulties he faced living in poverty, he shares some tidbits on writing including how he works, general tips and an earnest encouragement to take it all seriously. Check out the book here.

Fahrenheit 451

This is a book normally read in your high school English class, but somehow I missed that assignment. I love Ray Bradbury’s short stories (if you haven’t read any, you’re in for a treat!), so I figured it was about time I checked out his dystopian novel that is so often referenced on Jeopardy. Check out the book here.

The Courtesan Duchess

Come on, how could anyone resist such a title? I loved this dramatic and fun regency romance novel by bestseller Joanna Shupe about a young woman who tries to lure her husband into conceiving a child after he’s been gone for eight years. I sped through it in a blink. Check out the book here.

A Collection of Quirk - What I'm Watching/Doing/Reading Lately - She's So Bright, Hat, Portrait, My Style, OOTD, Sézane, Janessa Leone, Madewell, Reading, Flowers, Style

So, if you’re looking for something to smooth the furrows in your brow both literally and figuratively, be sure to check out some of my suggestions. And remember you can never go wrong with ohmming your way into the day!

What are you watching or reading lately? Share with me below!

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