Why I’ll Never Be a Perfect Girly Girl

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I eat food off the floor.

There, I said it! Be it a dusty cheerio or a wet strawberry, I do not possess the germaphobic tendencies that seem to paralyze others from picking salad greens off the tile and placing them back on their plate. I don’t have that gene. Sure, the over-the-top gross New York City street grime scares me more than a remote highway bathroom, but we’re talking the casual food drop, not an invitation for the plague.

I’m telling you this because I only just realized that I’ll never be a perfect girly girl. If you’re reading this blog for that sort of thing, you better hit eject, especially now that I’ve revealed my true floor-picking nature to the world! But seriously, I’m not sure what brought this topic to my head, maybe it was a certain influencer toting how obsessed they are with girly dresses, or a woman at The Wing with perfect hair, whatever it was I wanted to tell you. And tell you why. I’ll never be a girly girl. Why I effectively can’t be one, despite my best efforts to change that.

First, let’s talk about how it’s okay to be girly. I love looking pretty, being femme, having my nails painted, etc., but I just can’t do it all the time. To put it frankly, I don’t care enough. My hair is too frizzy despite doing everything I can to change it, and it dries into limp waves, usually no matter what I try. I forget to put makeup on some days and often prefer to hang loose in a basic bra and jeans rather than slip on heels for a night out. It’s just how I am.

And I eat food off the floor.

I wasn’t raised by a girly mom, nor spent my time with my sisters doing girly things. We didn’t brush each other’s hair. We didn’t slip on Mom’s shoes (actually there’s a picture of me wearing Dad’s pretty rad sneakers). Nay, we played in the dirt, stacked legos, and baked cakes. I didn’t know people got married until my oldest sister got engaged – that’s how un-girly-girl I grew up.

So, does it matter? Not in the least. I embrace the wacky, fun person I am despite the flaws. And you should too. Look beyond the perfection that is reflected by society everywhere. Don’t try to fit into a box or hide yourself or your true nature. If you’re the epitome of a girly girl, power to you, but that’s just not me.

Because, among other indelible qualities, I eat food off the floor. And you know what? I don’t think I would change that, even if I could.

What quirky behaviors do you tend to hide from people? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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