The Five Recipes I’m Cooking for Super Bowl Sunday

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She's So Bright - The Five Recipes I’m Cooking for Super Bowl Sunday
Let’s hope they turn out this good! Image by Molly Yeh.

I do not celebrate Super Bowl Sunday for the football, but I do see it as a holiday akin to Thanksgiving. It’s a day that us Americans turn the television on in every room, with the volume set to loud, and hang around stuffing ourselves with the most delicious, off-diet, fat-full snacks that we can imagine. One of my sisters shared that it’s the only day of the year she allows herself to eat Cheetos. Well, I am with her on that!

Though I rarely partake in the festivities and haven’t since college, I usually make myself a little guacamole and relish the lazy day. But this year, my parents are hosting a party, and I’ve offered to cook all the food for their guests. I’m hoping it takes some of the pressure off of them, but I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to flex my cooking muscles!

Here are some of the recipes I will be making for Sunday:

1. Barbecue Chicken & Corn Nachos

She's So Bright - The Five Recipes I’m Cooking for Super Bowl Sunday
Image by Emily and Matt Clifton for Serious Eats

Yes, these are just as delicious as they sound! When I took on this ambitious goal of cooking for the Super Bowl, I knew just the person to ask for a great recipe: my fabulous sister Erika who is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef. Though her day job is as a CalTech astrophysicist, Erika is a foodie at heart and always has incredible recipes up her lab-coat-sleeves. She cooked these nachos for my niece’s birthday last year, and they were devoured so quickly I was left pecking at the crumbs when I arrived late. I can’t wait to stuff myself crazy with these nachos, but I’m kind of sad I’ll have to share them!

2. Guacamole & Chips

I have my own recipe for guacamole, but this is a great start! I like to add a little cumin, tomatoes, and garlic, for a touch of spice. I also prefer lime-salted tortilla chips with a bit of heat, which I’ve found at my local Whole Foods. Yum!

3. Crudités & Homemade Chips with Onion Dip

She's So Bright - The Five Recipes I’m Cooking for Super Bowl Sunday
Image by

I recently discovered that my favorite local cafe has the most incredible onion dip. I’m usually too busy ordering the shop’s sandwiches, so it was only last week that I had the pleasure of ordering the appetizer that nearly blew my mind. This recipe I found is pretty close, along with this one for homemade chips. For ease, I’m going to pick up a couple of orders of their dip, along with their homemade chips, but I also plan on arranging a veggie platter to go along with it! So. Freaking. Delicious.

4. Potato Skins

She's So Bright - The Five Recipes I’m Cooking for Super Bowl Sunday
Image by Ivan Solis

In lieu of a balanced dinner, Jon and I sometimes opt for fully-loaded baked potatoes. It covers all the essential food groups: cheese, potato, bacon, and salt! This recipe for Potato Skins is pure indulgence, and though they mysteriously discard the interior of the potatoes, I’ll enjoy these best if they’re extra crispy!

5. Pretzel Challah Bagel Dogs

She's So Bright - The Five Recipes I’m Cooking for Super Bowl Sunday
Image by Molly Yeh.

This is my “stretch” recipe. Like, if I’m feeling really awesome about all my other, easier recipes, I’ll be making this one! I’ve never made a pretzel, but I’ve watched a few English people make them on the Great British Baking Show, and it looks HARD. This recipe, though, seems straightforward enough, and as I’ve made plenty of doughs (and eaten them!), I feel confident in my ambition. I’m also looking forward to trying Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel seasoning!

Wish me luck for the weekend! And whichever way the game goes, I know that I will end up with a super bowlful of food in my tummy.

You can follow along on my Instagram Stories this weekend to see how my cooking goes, and if anyone has an idea of what to do with the leftover potatoes, let me know! What are your favorite Super Bowl recipes? Share with me in the comments below!

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